Once upon a time everyone knew who was No. 1. My mates, my Mum and probably your Mum too - knew if Blur had beaten Oasis, and whether the Spice Girls had managed to get their sixth chart topper in a row. Now that's no longer the case. Unless it's the Christmas No. 1, with its attendant media hoopla, the specifics of who exactly is heading the charts often passes us by.
Whitney Houston's music is expected to soar to the top of the charts after the shock news of her death last night, the Official
Strategy defence devotees have helped Kingdom Rush, developed by Armor Games, to emerge as the most popular paid-for app
As I said in my last post, music is at its all time lowest state, with pretend dance and fake urban tunes plus meaningless lyrics and no groove clogging up our charts like a festering turd in the u-bend of a public latrine.
The former Oasis songsmith is currently launching his solo career. His first single in July, The Death Of You And Me, charted at 15 and was followed last month by AKA...What A Life, which reached 20. Next week they are both followed by his rather excellent debut album High Flying Birds.