We can argue the reasons for this situation until the proverbial cows come home. But what is indisputable is the transformative impact that art and culture has on these young people's lives.
No less valuable are the helpful directions at the end of each chapter on how to get to the places by the most convenient and time-saving route.
How can the cream of the student crop deal with the complexities of quantum physics or the inner mechanics of Chaucer yet seem to be ignorant of some of the most brilliant contributions made to contemporary culture? How can anyone not recognise the voice of Kate Bush?
The name Valentinus has forged a determined path to 21st Century shopping centres, from burial sites north of ancient Rome's city limits, at the source of the trans-Italian Via Flaminia.
'Spell It Out' is more than a reader-friendly, comprehensible and comprehensive story of the history and evolvement of English spelling - Professor Crystal gives practical advice in Teaching Appendix as well as throughout the book.
When we set out to pick the ten characters from literature that we’d hate to have over for Christmas dinner, we had one simple
A crude love poem written almost 450 years ago by a Roman Catholic woman and sent to a Protestant scholar who served Edward