Cheap Food

We've all made promises to eat better at some point or another, but this time we're going to help you kick-start your healthier 2015 - with 10 great recipes from Jamie and his talented friends.
The stereotype that students can't cook is not true, according to my experience. Having left university and moved away from home, I am now cooking recipes with names like Shivid Polow, Sai Mai Lo and Rajma - all of which I picked up from Student Halls.
In the wake of the recent foreboding news that Tesco's are planning to increase their prices, word of mouth has never been a more capable supremacy of influence.
The era of cheap food in Britain is over, the boss of Tesco has said. Chief executive Philip Clarke said the growing pressure
After six months at uni (and bear in mind this was in the pre-£9,000 a year tuition fees era), my friend came to me and asked me how she could save money as she was completely skint, couldn't find paid work (she had been volunteering) and didn't want to live up to the cliché of the student who is bailed out by their parents whenever the going gets tough.
Tonight, instead of crawling home towards our sofas, the comfort of TV and endless calories, the hankering for alcohol begins. Unfortunately for those of us with limited funds it means that fun is pretty much off limits. I've come up with some budget friendly solutions to having a good time.
Forget all the turkey trimmings and Marks & Spencer ‘It’s not only a pudding, but an M&S pudding’ this Christmas – if you're