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Fired up by the injustice of it all, I have been researching ways in which we could all cut the cost of summer flights and I have realised that there are LOADS of ways to beat the airlines at their own game. With a bit of savvy knowledge you can save hundreds!
Discounting has been an important selling tool for the travel industry for the past 30 years or more and consumers have come to expect bargains... The result is a plethora of different types of deals and discounts, not all of which are as good as they might appear at first sight. Here's a guide to the various offers and how to get the most out of them.
Europe has been blessed with some extraordinarily beautiful beaches, from the soft white sand and pebble beaches of Greece and Italy, to the golden sand beaches of Spain and Portugal. It's the perfect place to escape the worries of the world and relax....
Where to go on holiday this year? It's tempting to simply reply: anywhere hot. But one of the key factors in your decision should be exchange rates. That's because Sterling has taken a kicking in the international currency markets over the past 12 months, and is down by 4% against the Euro and 5% against the US dollar.
While it helps to work in the industry when trying to get a good holiday deal, there are plenty of tips 'only the industry knows' that can easily be used by consumers to have a great holiday. Here are a few that travel industry workers know (but don't like sharing with anyone else).
Ah, first class. We've all experienced this, walking off a long haul flight, you get lead through the business or first class section of the plane, and marvelled at the bigger (and reclining!) seats, complimentary (and now empty!) champagne flutes and futuristic digital entertainment systems.
One of the basic realities of going on holiday in the UK is that the weather might not be perfect. That calls for a different approach. If you expect sun you'll end up being disappointed, so don't.