cheap wedding

But there are definitely some aspects that need careful consideration before committing to such a big decision. While getting hitched at home can be the more affordable option, don't be fooled, done incorrectly it can most certainly add up. So to assist you in making the decision on whether an at home wedding is for you, here are the things you must nail:
With the tightening of belts continuing post-recession, though, planning on a budget will be the harsh reality for many. With lots of wedding venues costing upwards of £10,000 for the venue hire alone, they rarely come cheap. But they needn't be bankrupt-ingly expensive either. Here are my top ten tips for keeping costs low.
What does your perfect wedding look like? Perhaps it features Robert Pattinson/Cheryl Cole/your fiancé(e) (delete as appropriate) in sumptuous luxury at a seven-star Dubai hotel, a sophisticated evening soiree at the London Ritz, or sand in your toes on a sun-drenched private beach.