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Police have “reminded” people not to illegally name the woman who accused Ched Evans of rape, as the footballer’s acquittal
The 27-year-old has always insisted upon his innocence
Read more on The Huffington Post Wales international footballer Ched Evans, 27, has been found not guilty of raping a teenager
'I wouldn’t perform oral sex on anyone that didn’t ask me to'
Striker Ched Evans has denied that he attempted to hide his face from CCTV cameras as he left a hotel after allegedly raping
'She turned herself over and got on all fours. She took the lead all by herself'
UPDATE: Ched Evans Denies Hiding His Face From CCTV After Alleged Rape Footballer Ched Evans told a jury on Monday how a
A woman arrived at a friend’s house in a hysterical state hours after allegedly being raped by footballer Ched Evans, a court
'I did not know what to do or where I was. I started panicking.'