There are many unanswered questions that justify further research. What were the parabens doing in the breast tumours? How did they get there? Did they contribute to the cancer growth in any way? Did they affect treatment outcome? What was the source of the parabens?
Buildings at Manchester University were evacuated on Wednesday after highly explosive chemicals had crystallised when a researcher's
As disgusting as it is, we all know that when you go swimming there's a high chance that somebody's relieved themselves in
I had an enquiry this month about some research that touching paper can make you fat. Now, I know of a lot of things that can make you fat - doughnuts, inadequate sleep, refusing to budge from the sofa....but touching paper? Not something I had heard of - so I thought I would look into this...
Coca-Cola has announced it will drop a controversial ingredient from all of its beverages. Brominated vegetable oil (or BVO
Before you reach for the corrosive, expensive, potentially health damaging chemical cleaners, why not have a look in your store cupboard to see what natural cleaning products you have lying around?
Researchers have found that love really can change your brain. Well, that's assuming that humans and prairie voles share
New scientific evidence has indicated that common preservative chemicals found in underarm antiperspirants and thousands
Police are trying to find out what killed four people who were found dead in a detached house in a quiet cul-de-sac. Officers
Scientists in Spain and Morocco have created a way of identifying contaminants in cow, goat and human breast milk. The team