People of all sexual orientations are mixing substances and sex.
James was enjoying the freedom – until he wasn't. Where do people go who want out of the scene?
Not before time, the gay press in London, realising we have a dangerous drugs-and-sex scene here that is killing gay men
Many gay men, courtesy of Grindr or Gaydar, will be familiar with the experience of turning up at a complete stranger's doorstep in the early hours of the morning in a state of drug-fuelled sexual excitement. But the desire to prolong the party can cloud our better judgement.
There may not be that much we can do to stop rising commercial rents but active campaigning to prevent the closure of much loved LGBT venues has proven, in the case of the RVT, to be effective. The homogenisation and blandification of London is not a dead cert.
With HIV infection accepted as an integral part of this life, it's a sobering picture of a vicious cycle that trades the search for happiness for addiction, emotional turmoil and a self-destructive emptiness.
It seems incongruous and a little ironic that in the same month that gay marriage became legal in the UK, a new report sheds light on an emerging phenomenon involving some gay men who seemingly have their finger on the self-destruct button.