Moonbears, so-called because of their moon-shaped crescent on their chest, imprisoned in tiny cages on horrific bile farms, are commonly starved, dehydrated, and suffer multiple diseases such as malignant tumours that ultimately kill them.
A 10-year-old Chinese boy, allegedly told to "jump off the building" if he did not complete a school writing task, jumped
The world's second largest country in land mass, China has so much to offer the inquisitive traveller; neon-lit cities with huge shopping centres, sky-scrapers and a buzzing nightlife, hundreds of miles of arid desert, the subtropical rainforests and snow-capped Himalayan mountains
As we all know, the week beginning Monday July 2 is Panda Awareness Week - check out the photos of people in panda suits
Electronics giant Foxconn Technology Group has denied reports that a riot took place at its factory in Chengdu. The Taiwan
Hundreds of workers at a Foxconn factory in Chengdu, China, have been arrested after a clash with security staff. According