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If the news Girls Aloud were splitting wasn't distressing enough, now Cheryl Cole is set to go on an extended break from
As Cheryl Cole's right hand woman, you'd think Lily England would know all of her boss' secrets by now. But obviously Cheryl's
More details of Cheryl Cole's car crash have emerged. It turns out smashed into a parked car as the pair tried
Sweatiness is usually a bit rank, but this isn't just anyone's sweat we're staring at - it's Cheryl Cole's and this clammy
Move over Caroline Flack! There's a new celebrity cougar in town. Step forward Cheryl Cole, whose tweets to Olympic bronze
And so the flirting between Cheryl Cole and Tom Daley continues. We'd be jealous if we could snap out of imagining how cute
Never mind missing out on a medal in the synchronised diving - Tom Daley has made up for it by flirting with his dream woman
Cheryl Cole is the latest star to come forward and speak out against online bullies. The singer has revealed she has been
As she posted an image of herself stood behind the Queen as Prince Charles gave a tribute to his mother, she wrote: "This
Just in case you're one of the three people in the country who didn't know - Cheryl Cole is back, Back, BACK! This makes