Cheska Hull

‘Made In Chelsea’ stars Cheska Hull and Ashley James were partying in London on Thursday night, alongside ‘TOWIE’ stars Lauren
If, like us, you struggle to keep up with the trials and tribulations of the champagne-swilling ‘Made In Chelsea’ cast, then
The cast of ‘Made In Chelsea’ have been making the most of the Spring sunshine, donning their sunnies and doing some filming
I have travelled quite a bit but this is my first time in Africa and Chelsea feels very far away. I feel immediately at home. A trip to Ghana showed me how easy it can be for us not to think about people living in poorer countries and about the farmers who grow so much of the food we eat.
Remember how I said not to trust Jamie for relationship advice? Yeah, I'm not sure he's the best wingman on a double date either. "Who's the best kisser out of Lucy and Binky" - I mean really, really!?
The first lesson learnt from last week's episode is that the truth will always come out. The confrontation with Phoebe and I wasn't pleasant though. It's hard arguing with someone who you used to be close to.