child cruelty

The cuts have already come. That "slow pace of welfare cuts" announced in the budget? Not true. Especially for child tax
Emotional neglect is a clearly defined form of child abuse, with studies throughout the world evidencing its detrimental impact. As Robert Buckland recently said in New Humanist magazine, this law change is about tackling 'the systematic terrorising of children by parents who make their lives a living hell'.
A mother who apparently tried to sell her baby on the advertising website Gumtree has had her children taken away by social
A toddler has reportedly been brutally beaten by a 10-year-old girl and thrown off a 25th floor balcony in China. Incredibly
Amanda Hutton has been found guilty of the manslaughter of her four-year-old son, keeping his mummified corpse in a cot in
A mother accused of killing her four-year-old son told detectives "he would starve himself", a court has heard. A jury was
A four-year-old boy ate the contents of his nappy because he was starving, and slept in a buggy full of urine, his brother
A mother has been accused of starving her four-year-old son to death and keeping his mummified corpse in a cot in her bedroom
Last week I tore a tendon in my shoulder and the pain was really very bad. I would say definitely worse than childbirth, but in the event of first-hand confirmation being unlikely, I'll have to settle for probably worse than childbirth.
A woman has been charged over the death of her four-month-old son after a television fell on top of him. Kian McMillan was
A mother who admitted leaving her young children alone in squalor as she went for clubbing has been given a suspended jail
A woman who murdered her toddler son and concealed his body has been jailed for life and told she must serve a minimum of
Kimberley Hainey, the mother found guilty of murdering her son, forced the toddler to live in squalor, pictures released
A man and a woman have appeared before a crown court judge charged with murdering a toddler. Rebecca Shuttleworth, 23, and
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Three adopted children "rescued" from their drug addicted parents went on to suffer a decade of systematic