child death

We cannot rely on charities: this needs to be a top priority for our Government and we need to find ways of working together to address this issue. It's no good having policy in place if it is not put into practice. The system needs to be overhauled and fast, if we are to provide the care and support that all disabled children and their families deserve.
An independent review of existing policy would be a good, practical starting point. An evidence-based approach is vital and a bit of common-sense wouldn't go amiss either. My dream would be for a safety-first approach using realism rather than idealism. It's vital that we take control of drugs in order to establish a healthier and safer society for all of us. No legislation has changed since Martha died and as long as that remains the case, that realisation eats away at me.
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It's a tough one to embrace. I can hear my upbringing saying, "Surely letting go of the pain is a betrayal to their memory." But is it? Perhaps the bigger betrayal is to hold onto the pain and allow it to define us. To hold onto the belief that somehow their death was wrong.
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