Child education

Having worked in a nursery for many years I find it fascinating seeing the various rates of development, some children just 'woah' me when they tell me something that is way past their biological age, and others struggle and go at a slower pace. What is it that makes them so different?
Like most parents I worry about what the world will be like for my son when he is older and I am gone.
When they spoke to Amnesty, many of the Dale Farm residents recounted the uncertainty that ruled their lives before they moved to the site - being moved from car parks to common grounds and fields, for a few months at a time. It was only after they moved to Dale Farm that their children and grandchildren, had been able to attend one primary school continuously. For many families, this is the first generation that has completed primary school and is literate. Two sisters, in their 60s and 70s, told us how proud they were of their grandchildren having learned to read and write at school, something neither one of them had the opportunity to do.