child safety

No loving parent would dream of opening their doors to a sex offender hell-bent on manipulating and exploiting their child but with the increasing availability and use of modern technology, a parents' ignorance could inadvertently do just that.
There's a danger that our obsession with stranger danger will make us uncomfortable around children. A few years ago, a poll commissioned by Play England found that 44% of men would hesitate before helping a child in distress for fear of being thought a paedophile. This is insane.
Children are using false ages online and seeing restricted adverts for overtly sexual dating sites, gambling, alcohol and
Four out of five parents of five-17-year-olds who agreed to take part in a YouGov poll also told us they think it is their responsibility to talk to their children about the risk. Yet half of all parents surveyed have never done this. And those that did tended to focus on 'stranger danger.'
Asking people to declare all past criminal convictions, including offences committed as children, is a breach of human rights
An off-duty fireman was left feeling like a "potential pedophile" after a national airline stopped him sitting next to two
The Government is to consult on tough new measures to protect children from internet pornography. Under plans being draw
An 11-year-old schoolboy died after crashing a powerful quad bike while helping out on the family farm, an inquest heard
Child protection campaigners call police or social services six times a day with concerns that babies are in serious danger