child sexual abuse inquiry

The horror of what has happened to them may be so far beyond most people's comfort zone that we simply choose to blank it out but doing so makes us all culpable. We have to hear what survivors have to say, even if the truth hurts.
Whether or not there are more papers to be found, I would encourage anyone with further information about past child abuse crimes to come forward. If your testimony can bring child abusers to justice and better protect children today, please speak up. Now is the time.... History will go on repeating itself until we learn one simple lesson - look out for and listen to children. They, in their own way, always tell us what is going on. We must all be ready and willing to take them seriously. In establishing an Inquiry with all necessary powers to get at the truth of what went on in the past, let's not take our eye off the ball for today's children. If you know or suspect abuse of a child please speak up, to us or to the police. Do it now.