child soldiers

On Wednesday I watched Beasts of No Nation, the visceral, immersive and harrowing story of Agu a child soldier. The film, released on Friday on Netflix, is unapologetic in its brutality and realism and compels us to respond.
An Iraqi boy holds a weapon as he takes part in a gathering by Shiite tribesman to show their willingness to join Iraqi security
12 February marks The International Day Against The Use Of Child Soldiers, otherwise known as Red Hand Day. It's an annual commemoration of children around the world caught in conflict but should also act as a reminder that this is a problem that is far from over.
Horrifying footage from Syria appears to show a young child being shown how to hold and shoot an assault rifle, before warning
The cost paid by the West for not getting involved in the conflict in Syria could be higher than that of intervening in the
Calling out praise for Allah, this disturbing video shows children as young as five firing weapons at an Al Qaeda terror
A former butcher and now a fighter for the Syrian rebels after returning from fighting against Syrian army forces in Aleppo
Puffing on a cigarette, with an AK-47 rifle slung casually on his shoulders, this seven-year-old Syrian boy’s childhood appears
Human rights campaigners have warned that Syrian opposition fighters are conducting summary killings, using child soldiers
Many actually consider that Africa is a wilderness where there will never be peace. It is also deemed that Africa's children are doomed to live a pitiful existence on earth because it is their 'lot' in life. Up to half of the world's child soldiers are in Africa. Many of these children are abducted at ages as young as 10 or 11 years old, some even younger.
In his superb article 'A Human Rights Wish-list for 2013', Jack Healey encouraged us to chose our own wish-list. I have taken up that suggestion.
While my travels meant I'd heard of the Central African Republic - unlike many people in the West - and I knew of the huge problem of child soldiers in the region, it was truly eye-opening and enlightening to see the situation up close, particularly the brave work of the UNICEF workers risking their lives to negotiate their release. Thousands of children in the country, out of a population of only 5million, have been abducted, tricked or coerced into fighting.
No child is safe from the bloody conflict in Syria amid reports of the "shocking" scale of brutality against youngsters. War
A documentary detailing the ongoing conflict in Uganda and the plight of child soldiers has become a viral hit. Entitled