Child Support Agency

Survey by Gingerbread and Mumsnet also reveals 86% believe DWP agency failures allowed their ex to “financially control or abuse them”.
Cohabiting couples split up much more frequently than married couples. After just five years, 49% of cohabiting couples have split, compared to 20% of married couples. After 10 years, 62% of cohabiting relationships are over...
The breakdown of any romantic relationship is seldom free from emotion. When that relationship is a legal partnership, such as marriage, the need to factor finance and possible family into the equation can make for an incredibly fraught time for all concerned. That is why I believe that recommendations just published by the Law Commission are so welcome.
Whether married or not, many spouses and cohabitees are understandably keen to resume their newly single lives with as much financial security as possible. That necessity is magnified when there are children to take care of and provide for.
Iain Duncan Smith has pledged to overturn the House of Lords' amendments to his Welfare Reform Bill, including the vote to
The government has suffered another defeat on its Welfare Reform Bill in the House of Lords - and this time by an unprecedented