There is absolutely nothing that can prepare you for entering the Sanjay colony slum in Delhi. I had never been to India before, let alone one of the largest, most renowned slums in the north east of Delhi.
There was an interesting juxtaposition of news in the headlines recently. On the one hand, research from Daycare Trust and
Long term unemployment has doubled over the past year. The biggest rise in unemployment for two years - since before the end of the recession. A very worrying surge in youth unemployment, by 78,000. And the largest number of women out of work for 23 years.
We at Citizens Advice have consistently supported the aims to make work pay and simplify the benefits system - but we've also said that trying to reform the whole system in a time of spending cuts could seriously undermine those aims.
Ed Miliband has put great stock in renewing what he calls 'The British Promise'. Essentially, it is the idea that each generation should enjoy a higher standard of living than the generation who went before.