childfree by choice

Don't feel sorry for me. I'm not infertile. Neither is my Husband for that matter. We just decided a long time ago that we would never have children. Yes, I know I'm only 27 and you might think that I don't know what I want but I can assure you that I, that we, do.
I'm childfree-by-choice, as it happens, and my life is often like that Ping Pong night, complete with a continous rolling sidebar of questions from friends and strangers, although they get less frequent as I get older and out of the baby-making zone.
Last year I decided to do Christmas alone in London. It felt right - like I could handle it. After three years of either being away on holiday or throwing myself into charity work for Crisis, I thought 'I can do this'. I can be in my flat, on Christmas Day, on my own, and just be.
There is no perfect life. Our perception of perfect is exactly that: 'our' perception. Not someone else's. So I think it is high time I stopped using the choices I have made for my uterus as a means of judging other women for the choices they have made with theirs.