Children's Hospice Week

Being allowed to stay at a Children's Hospice, is one of those things no-one wants to be eligible for. There are lots of these 'clubs'. Small groups of people that deep down we don't want to be like or don't want our life to be like. Being good British folk, we try not to talk about these awkward aspects of life in polite company.
Love was wrapped around us tight in the form of cooked meals and a warm and clean room to crush in at the end of the day. And a day bed in Georgie's room, especially designed to witness cuddles with him.The same bed on which we cuddled on the night of the 5 July, 2014, when our baby left us behind.
Today marks the start of Children's Hospice Week - seven days of awareness raising, highlighting the vital care and support that these services provide to seriously ill children and their families.
It may be her second wedding anniversary, but the Duchess of Cambridge was out and about today making the rounds at a children’s
The Duchess of Cambridge has given her first ever video message to appeal for support for a campaign for children's hospices