childrens rights

What will happen to the more than 2,300 migrant children who have already been separated from their parents?
We can only weigh our functionality as a community based on how we protect and empower the most vulnerable.
Unicef repeatedly describes the ill-treatment of Palestinian children in military detention as "widespread, systematic and institutionalised".
Millions of children around the world are forced into these marriages against their will.
Are parents going to be criminalised and imprisoned for ‘every little smack’? This is very unlikely.
I know how to raise a strong woman because I am one. Raising a compassionate son who doesn't abuse his male privilege, who understands it, is the trickier prospect. Thankfully, I have a grown-up one of those in the house to help on this journey.
Both in the UK and around the world many children are unable to enjoy their rights. A third of UK children are living in poverty without an adequate standard of living, 30,000 are missing from school, one in five children report that they experience mental health issues, and many more are at risk of neglect and abuse.
During 2015-2016, only 15 applications were made for children needing legal support for immigration cases, out of thousands expected when compared to the application rate before the changes. In fact, this tiny number of applications represents less than 1% of the 2,490 children who relied on legal aid during the final year before it was cut.
It is illegal to assault an adult. It is perfectly legal to assault a child in the name of physical punishment. When you
The release of the KidsRights Index 2017 comes at a pivotal moment. As the UK gears up for June's general election, the news that Britain has plummeted from 11th to 156th place in the global children's rights rankings raises questions about the adequacy of British legislation and implementation on the rights of the child.