China Censorship

As Hong Kong's "umbrella revolution" enters its sixth day, thousands of pro-democracy protesters are continuing to peacefully
Smiling faces and dancing children – the images below present a very different picture of the brutal Tiananmen Square massacre
China, a country well-known for its enthusiastic online censorship, has launched yet another bid to purge the internet of
The irony that the UK government is proposing to introduce the exact same internet censorship mechanisms that it has routinely condemned in China has so far received little attention. Part of the reason for this is that many people in the UK tend to have an exaggerated view of what goes on in China to begin with and therefore the comparison seems far-fetched. But is it, really?
A praying mantis, struggling against a tyre, has become a popular meme China Digital Times reported that Weibo users were
Journalists at one of China's most influential papers have stunned the country by going on strike over censorship of their
Mo Yan was congratulated for his Nobel Literature Prize win by prominent authors in his home country - but some on social