china relationship

The red carpet has been rolled away, the royal carriage has been put back in the garage, and the British press have moved on. Now that Xi Jinping's state visit - the first by a Chinese Premier for 10 years is over, it's a good time to take stock and ask how the Sino-UK relationship should now develop.
On the final leg of his State Visit to the UK, President Xi of China took a trip to Manchester to visit the Northern Powerhouse, in what is undoubtedly a coup for the city. Moreover, Xi's visit neatly summarises two of the current priorities of the Conservative Government, in particular Chancellor George Osborne: China and the Northern Powerhouse.
This week has seen an outpouring of jubilation from Number 10 on par with the birth of baby Jesus, or that moment when Georgie
Vince Cable has insisted that the "starting point" for Britain's talks with China this week "has to be" the economy, not
Tory minister Michael Fallon has sparked an outcry from MPs and human rights groups after insisting that concerns about China's
Chinese premier Li Kequiang is visiting Britain for a three-day visit, in which he is set to seal at least £17 billion worth
Britain's visa rules will be relaxed as coalition ministers step up efforts to build lucrative trade links with China during
Investment in Britain will only remain attractive to China if the nation stays in the EU, former deputy prime minister John
The UK has agreed to start exporting £45m worth of pig semen to China from next year, in one of the latest deals clinched
Britain will get its first new nuclear power station for nearly 20 years thanks to French-owned EDF Energy teaming up with