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As David Cameron sat down for his second meal containing fungus in two days, having smilingly presented the Chinese premier
Spend, spend, spend: London's retailers were rubbing their hands together in anticipation at the start of October, and not because of any early pre-Christmas splurge from UK shoppers. The glimmer in their eyes was down to an influx of thousands of Chinese tourists, who see London as one of the bona fide luxury centres of the world...
A live broadcast by Sky News Asia correspondent Mark Stone was dramatically halted after Chinese authorities detained him
Mo Yan was congratulated for his Nobel Literature Prize win by prominent authors in his home country - but some on social
A protestor who lay in the path of a steamroller has been crushed to death in China. He Zhi Hua was attempting to resist
This is a fascinating exposé in a country reputed to repress freedom of speech at all times. Apparently only two topics -- pornography and criticism of the censors themselves -- are always blocked. Others are "free rein" it seems, so long as they don't pave the way to Tiananmen.
During the last three years alone, China has given more loans to developing countries, mainly in Africa, than the World Bank. Trade between China and the continent has increased in the last decade, more than six-fold to $120bn in 2011, making China Africa's largest trade partner. While China's renewed activities in Africa have been applauded by many African leaders as an alternative to Western economic and political dominance, not everyone is comfortable with the so-called "partnership". China's engagement with Africa is viewed with suspicion especially in the West, with some commentators and politicians describing it as a new imperialist.
There are an estimated 70,000 school-aged blind children in China - most living in rural areas and villages. The schools which offer special education for VI children are predominantly located in the major cities hundreds or thousands of miles away. A casual visitor to Shanghai, an incredible economic powerhouse of a city, might wonder how such a plight could be possible.
A British businessman found dead in China was killed with cyanide, it has been reported. Neil Heywood was murdered on the
Don't panic: there may be a coup taking in place in China. Rumours of a supposed power struggle at the heart of the Chinese