Chloe Goodman

I can't help but think that it must be hard for The Sun's readers to absorb credible stories about women, since the first image they are met with is boobs.
Are we still in the Victorian era, when women had to pretend sex was endured as a wifely duty? It's 2015 and a woman is being ridiculed and slut-shamed for dually taking ownership of her sexuality and refusing to degrade herself by man-pleasing with a show of faux lesbianism. I think we should applaud her.
Chloe and Alexander Because he’s apparently incapable of getting to the point, when the attention comes back to Perez he
A fruit-based dispute threatened to tear the ‚ÄėCelebrity Big Brother‚Äô house in two on Tuesday night, after Alicia Douvall
Jeremy Jackson, who was removed from the ‚ÄėCelebrity Big Brother‚Äô house over the weekend, has received a police caution for
Chloe Goodman Writing in her column in The Daily Star, Helen said Chloe should have just brushed it off or had a word with
Since Judy Finnigan's wardrobe malfunction at the National Television Awards, I'm pretty sure she's gone about her day without men pulling open her dress, juggling her jubblies and cheerily reassuring her, "everyone's seen them anyway".
Chloe Goodman has come to the defence of her former ‚ÄėCelebrity Big Brother‚Äô housemate Jeremy Jackson. SEE MORE: 'CBB' Ken
*UPDATE* - Ken has now been removed from the 'CBB' house. See the full story here. 'Coronation Street' veteran Ken Morley
Chloe explains the situation During the show, Jeremy was seen drinking alcohol before vomiting in the bathroom and Chloe