Chocolate Week

In the twelve years since it started, Chocolate Week has been at the centre of helping to not only educate UK consumers but also elevate the situation of cocoa farmers through paying them a fairer price.
It's International Chocolate Day so we've decided to put to rest an argument that has haunted generations of children for
As a chocolate blogger for over five years I go to a lot of things for Chocolate Week, some open and some not. The thing I love about Chocolate Week though is that everyone gets to go to some great events all over the country that are fun and teach you about chocolate.
So this week it's Chocolate Week in the UK (14th until 20th of October) do I hear a big hip hip hooray? Well, as far as I'm concerned every week should be national chocolate week
Chocolate Week - an entire week dedicated to chocolate all over the UK. This week is a close second to Christmas with my family in my list of times of the year full of awesomeness.
Lately, it seems like barely a week goes by without one food group or another claiming it as their own but, in most cases, I'd say the celebration is unwarranted.