chris boardman

He was also banned from driving for 18 months.
Liam Rosney had been talking on his phone just before the incident.
Minister apologises after Olympic cyclist Chris Boardman led backlash.
Carol Boardman was hit while riding her bicycle in July last year.
Chris Boardman’s mother has been killed after being knocked off her bicycle by a car in Connah’s Quay, North Wales on Sunday
Many people in this country will tell you that cycling is safe, and the statistics do back that up. You have more chance of being killed walking a mile than you do cycling a mile and there is just one fatality for the equivalent of every 1,000 times cycled around the Earth. However, what those statistics don't tell you is what cycling on our roads is actually like and whether or not the experience is an enjoyable one...
What is for sure is that if Chris Boardman has anything to do with it, it WILL happen. He clearly gets things done, from his bikes being used by our Olympic champions to chasing the suits in Whitehall, he is as focused as ever.
Levels of cycling in Britain are amongst the lowest across Europe - only 2% of us use a bike as our main method of getting around. In the Netherlands, 20 times more journeys are made by bike by people under 17 than in the UK. And the main reason for this is the perceived lack of safety.
The red-hot favourites didn't win, but that's road racing. After watching Team Sky's astonishing success at controlling the peloton in the recent Tour de France, it's obvious why the opposition was determined to stifle them at London 2012.