Chris Pratt

Jennifer Lawrence has revealed that she got so drunk before a sex scene with Chris Pratt that she ended up being wracked
Chris Pratt is arguably one of the biggest stars in the world right now, with leading roles in 'Parks and Recreation' and
‘Jurassic World’ is set for a sequel, it has been confirmed. READ MORE: Jurassic World Reenacted By Thespian Troupe Of Nigerian
Chris Pratt is taking his Lego figure likeness on a world tour, resulting in some very cool Instagram pictures. The 'Jurassic
It’s been eight years since ‘The O.C.’ was cruelly taken away from us after just four seasons, and quite frankly, our lives
News that Han Solo is to get his very own ‘Star Wars’ spin-off film has got us, and fellow fans of the movie franchise, ever
Jurassic World is a film about films. More specifically, it is a film about film sequels, and the expectations an audience has of film sequels. It plays on these expectations subtly, and, I think, rather brilliantly. Let me explain.
Swooning over Christian Grey, Poldark and even Chris Pratt may seem harmless on the surface, but it has the potential to increase body image pressure on men, so why on earth would we want to make objectification the norm?
Following the rip-roaring success of 'Jurassic World', zookeepers and animal wranglers across the globe have taken to copying
Remember the guys behind that terrifying Spider Dog prank? They're back, and they've put their skills to use on a slightly