Chris Wallace

A hashtag used by the far-right hate group Proud Boys has been hijacked by the LGBT+ community.
"We can all Make America Not Actively on Fire Again," Jim Carrey's Joe Biden told voters.
Flirting with the far-right. Spreading voter fraud fears. Trump was out of control.
President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden face off for the first time in an event moderated by Fox News' Chris Wallace.
The president also took a jab at Anthony Fauci, calling the country's top infectious disease expert "a little bit of an alarmist."
The president was attempting to defend his cognitive abilities with a test that also asked him to identify an elephant.
The president told Fox News Sunday he is "not a good loser".
Despite claims that a million people had applied for tickets, only 6,200 showed up.
The House speaker told Chris Wallace that Trump has failed a basic test of leadership.
Donald Trump’s Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has suggested that the president of the United States doesn’t necessarily
Kelly Clarkson has responded to negative comments made about her weight, in a typically fabulous manner. Fox news reporter