Back then, it was mostly known by Americanism, the 'pound sign' - one that you may remember from many automated recorded phone messages "end by pushing the pound key".
C is for "commitmentphobe" - a new phrase being used by men to say they want to bang as many people as possible, but it's
The genius behind this massive endeavour is Chris Morris, who orchestrated it all from his lavish secret office under BBC Broadcasting House.
Chris Martin's Spot the Difference is an enjoyable and fun hour to be had at this years' Fringe. He finds humour in the middle
It's strange that for centuries we've happily paid for other humans to exert their bodies for our pleasure, whether it be a postman, a waiter, a boxer or comedian, whatever. We've also a long, long history of having sex for pleasure. Is bringing those two things together and paying for sex such a bad thing?
I would like to introduce you to an exclusive interview with Fozzy front-man, best selling author, former wrestling champion and all round entertainer, Chris Jericho.