christian benteke

Benteke spent one unsuccessful season as a Liverpool player, was widely branded a flop, while the majority of fans were relieved when he was quickly sold on at only a minimal loss and were largely happy to see the back of him. Benteke owes Liverpool absolutely nothing, but it is increasingly ingrained in most modern players that celebrating against a club you used to play for is the ultimate taboo. And it's just plain stupid.
Well, if the reward for international football is a bumper week of Premier League football then I apologise to international football for all the rude things I have called it recently. What a week of action we've had, with some twists and turns, some slap and tickle, and some expert displays of boosting footballers' confidence in public!
Whoa, whoa, whoa Chelsea. What's that all about, hey? We've already wrapped up this Premier League title thank you very much
When you're on course to match the worst team in Premier League history after nearly half the season, you know you're in deep, deep trouble. That is very much the case for Aston Villa right now, with Derby County's record low points tally in danger of being broken.
Whatever happens next, wherever he goes, whatever he does, Emmanuel Adebayor deserves respect. To have gone through his career, with detractors and personal issues at every step and still have made a success of it? He might just be one of the strongest people in English football, and it's time to start treating him like it.
Transfer silly-season is still rolling on, but many Premier League teams have done their business early in the quest to improve for the coming campaign... Here are five summer signings who will have a significant impact on the destination of next season's Premier League trophy.
If Liverpool want to keep thinking of themselves as one of the world's biggest clubs, then they need to prove it on the pitch. Benteke will either be integral to them doing so, or he will be the poster boy of their fall from grace.
If he can keep Villa up, which it looks like he will, then we'll finally get a full season to judge him next term. But everything he's achieved so far seems to point to him being equipped to make a relative success of things next term.
Franck Ribéry is just the latest international whose World Cup aspirations have been ended by injury, after the France international's
Members of Belgium's World Cup squad modelled their impressive physiques for an intimate black and white art exhibition in