Christine Quinn

Christine says she likes things in her home to be "dripping in gold" – and she's not exaggerating.
He reckons Christine Quinn has been "fanning those flames".
"It's just unfortunate, people are weird," the Oppenheim Group realtor revealed.
With the third season of the reality show upon us, we're taking a closer look at the employees of the Oppenheim Group.
The real estate agent's nuptials to Christian Richard takes centre stage in season three.
The “Sex and the City” star brings years of advocacy work to the table.
It takes a great deal of courage to launch a new idea, plunge into unfamiliar waters and break the code of what is perceived to be normal. Quit a stable job to pursue a dream but a preposterous calling, and you'll read doubt and skepticism between the lines of the most generous Sorry You're Leaving Card. Break a convention and you'll face an army of raised eyebrows.