christmas 2011

An alarming majority of people now eschew sending written thanks to their nearest and dearest who have spent their hard earned money on presents. Some will half-heartedly try to express their thanks by sending a thank you text or email. I can't imagine doing such a thing. I am coming out in hives as I write. That said, I suppose they are better than nothing.
It's an age-old story. Students return home penniless for Christmas and work part-time in a pub to fund their nights out
From Kim Jong-Il's extravagant funeral to fire-blowers and Boxing Day shoppers, The Huffington Post UK rounds up the pictures
Since 1983, my Christmas has largely been characterised by disappointment. Back then, the disappointment revolved around an LP-shaped gift beneath the tree which I hoped with all my teenage heart was Michael Jackson's Thriller album.
It's 10 years since I experienced my first Christmas alone. I was apprehensive and judging by the unprecedented number of calls I received that day, so were other people. The reason I spent it on my own was due to a break-up and imminent move so it made sense. I had control over when, what and how I did everything. I loved it!
When the only reminders of last night's thumping beats and flowing champagne are a pounding head and fizzing stomach, drastic
This latest Christmas was one of the very few where we never played any Christmas music at home, which is no mean feat, as over the years as we seem to have collected a good few listening hours.
On Sunday, at 3pm, Queen Elizabeth II delivered her 60th Christmas Message. In this faddish age of rolling news and viral videos, the Queen's speech remains a changeless monument to a bygone era and this year's message was every bit as insipid, patronising and tedious as the previous 59.
Next time you receive a present you're not happy with or a sibling causes an argument over the Christmas dinner or you are made to go out of your way for a crazy grandparent, realise how lucky you are to have these things and cherish every Christmas you spend with your family.
It's cold and it's wet out. That London drizzle, a phenomenon that lies somewhere between fog and sleet which London will suffer from nearly everyday until May has begun to come down. I'm in a queue of around 2,000 that has wrapped around St. Paul's for midnight mass, snaking through Occupy London's first tent city. I'm not a Christian, I left the church 15 years ago, but I've been feeling homesick lately, and find myself here, cold, and wet, and sick.
Did you not get what you wanted for Christmas? Did you head straight to Twitter to complain? Big mistake. A group of people
From Father Christmas in his scarlet coat to bright green mistletoe, we have a firmly entrenched idea of what our Christmas
A man died today after being stabbed at a party in the early hours of Christmas Day. John Lee Barrett, 31, from Harpurhey
The X Factor winner's single is the least welcome present found under Christmas trees in Britain, according to new research
Kate Middleton's regal purple Christmas day outfit confirmed to us that the Duchess of Cambridge is developing her own signature
Swathes of lurid elf-print wrapping paper have been stuffed into a bin liner by your stoically efficient mother. Everyone is feeling fat, unattractive and a bit queasy from the Bailey's sugar rush and you're all desperate to go your respective ways before strained relations snap after three solid days of housebound family time.
Unwanted Christmas trees are being used to provide flood defences and protect river banks from erosion, the Environment Agency
The Hunting Act has "failed", according to a government minister. As thousands of people prepare to head out to Boxing Day
In this past year my family and I have been inspired by the courage and hope we have seen in so many ways in Britain, in the Commonwealth and around the world.
Daredevil Blue Peter presenter Helen Skelton spent Christmas Day in Antarctica as she prepares for an attempt to become the