christmas 2011

Troops in Afghanistan enjoyed a traditional dinner this Sunday despite being away from home this Christmas. Nearly 10,000
Researchers say there's a genetic explanation why some people love Brussels sprouts -- while others would rather eat a rubber
A dog has been reunited at Christmas with the canine hero that saved his life a year ago by donating blood. Last December
The Military Wives choir has marched to the top of the charts, taking the coveted Christmas number one spot. Their single
The strength of family, friends and the community working together will be highlighted by the Queen in her Christmas message
The Duke of Edinburgh is expected to remain in hospital today, where he is recuperating following treatment for a blocked
Britons will enjoy an "unseasonably mild" Christmas Day and Boxing Day, weather forecasters said. Across the country, temperatures
The head of the Catholic Church in England and Wales offered prayers today for people in Bethlehem at risk of losing their
I am a huge fan of Christmas. If I had my way, we'd have Christmas at least twice a year, if not more. I even like Christmas pudding. And Christmas cake. And mince pies. (Although not sprouts, I don't get the point of sprouts.)
It won't be a white Christmas anywhere in the UK, forecasters have said. Not even the peaks of Scottish mountains will see
From South Korea to Sri Lanka, people are preparing to celebrate Christmas all over the world. In the birthplace of Jesus
I guess Father Christmas must feel this way when he puts on the red coat and climbs into his sleigh. I am talking about the warm glow that returns seasonally once a year when BBCMusic Entertainment get out the glitter cannons and the reindeer hats and send for the neon signs that say 'TOP OF THE POPS'.
Yes, I am one of those unfortunate few along with the likes of Sir Isaac Newton, Annie Lennox and Quentin Crisp who were born on Christmas Day - at 10am, to be precise. And I possibly haven't stopped moaning about it since.
As the fifth round robin drops through my letter box, I wonder if I can go on. The tirade of middle class exposition never seems to cease.
I'll toast a notional glass of fizz any day, but being prevented from eating another pig-in-a-blanket by any reason other than sheer food-based gluttony? Ridiculous. There's no way a house double vodka and being bored by one's old lab partner is going to get in the way of my festive feeding.
What was the star? Only the Wise Men saw it 2000 years ago, but if you solve the clues then anyone with a computer and a simple starmap program can witness the Star of Bethlehem, just as it hung over the dusky midnight skies of the first noel.
The history of Hanukkah should be a reminder to all of us, that although revolutions may be inevitable, it is of greater importance to know what will happen after the revolutions. Human hope, symbolized by the lone candle glowing in the dark, requires respect for the supreme value of the life of every human being and the right of any group to religious freedom.
This Christmas, it's not just the turkey that's stuffed to capacity. The roads, trains and buses will be jam-packed with travellers. The causes of congestion are numerous: bad weather, accidents, last-minute shoppers or tourists, but the underlying reality is that the UK's infrastructure is struggling to cope with demand.
During the Christmas party season there's one man who's simply been everywhere. Which got us wondering; is Santa the world's
A family are looking forward to Christmas after their new baby was delivered by the roadside by two police community support