christmas 2014

Charlie Egan was born with no right arm below the elbow but has now been fitted with his new 'Spider-Man' prosthetic arm
Okay, maybe we over-egged the pudding when we said that gadgets were the only gift worth giving this Christmas. In fact, the
Plenty of apologies have hit the headlines in 2014 - which is a shame given how many people didn't apologise for things they
Whatever you are doing this Christmas, however you are feeling, the invitation is to be fully present with what is. Whether you are feeling light-hearted, upbeat or downright humbug-ish, being present with the present moment will bring you peace.
Being Armenian-British has certain privileges. In fact, the Christmas period is the most rewarding for many easterners living in the west. By easterners I mean those from countries that are traditionally Orthodox Christian. You see, we effectively do Christmas celebrations twice.
It's not just the emergency services who work on December 25, people will be working today to help the homeless, drive people
There is a lot of received wisdom about the type of crimes that happen on Christmas Day - but the reality of December 25
If you've gone or taken your children to see Father Christmas Santa this year, count yourself lucky you did not encounter
When 85-year-old Barbara Flynn was at her lowest ebb, she carried a portable phone and would check her voicemail just to
With Christmas well on its way (hurrah!) and festivities in full swing, I thought I would share a little insight with you about a typical Spanish Christmas or, should I say 'Navidad'. Having spent many a festive season in España, I have seen that it certainly differs to here in the UK, but is no doubt still a magical time for celebrations, families and most importantly, amazing food!