christmas 2014

The perfect Christmas cake, the perfect outfit and the perfect body to match... Why is it always about pleasing others and ensuring the peace among your family members, should anything go wrong?
If you've been dating someone new for the past few months, chances are that you'll be meeting their family this holiday season. Meeting the parents (and the grandparents, and the siblings and the family friends....) is always nerve-wracking and there seems to be even more pressure to make a good impression this time of year. Here are four ways to make a great first impression this holiday season.
It just goes to show that spending more doesn't always get you the best - in a blind taste test of Christmas puddings and
This year I plan to honour the memory of my lost loved ones by dedicating the whole month of December to kindness. In fact, from this point on, Christmas may even be known as 'Kindmas' in our house.
I proudly present 'The Music Snob Guide for Compiling Your 2014 Christmas Playlist'. Come in Boney M, Shakin Stevens, and Mel and Kim, your time is up! Here are my top 10 essentials...
Let's face it the vast majority of people turn a darker shade of Scrooge once they come into contact with Christmas music at any point before December. As a consequence those of the opposite disposition, namely Christmas music aficionados, play a dangerous game.
For me, the festive season is when being a Londoner really starts to pay off. It's a beautiful city at the best of times, but during the festive season the city really takes on a new lease of life.
Ah yes and so it begins- Christmas is coming and in November it is now almost everywhere we turn. Christmas the time of festive cheer right? However it also is a time that puts the fear into women especially as the festive party season looms.
How ready for Christmas are you? I am feeling pretty smug to be honest. I don't want to rub your faces in it, but really I'm almost done. I've ordered everything I need to online. I haven't written the cards yet, but that's not allowed until I crack open the mulled wine, which is only acceptable in the month of December.
Alcohol inhibits fat mobilisation by suppressing testosterone - a sex hormone found in women as well as men. Testosterone is a great hormone for burning fat and when it drops it increases fat storage. Testosterone contributes to lean body mass. Less testosterone means less muscle, and less muscle means fewer calories burned and a slower metabolic rate.