christmas baking

The observant may notice there are two versions of the bread in these pictures. I actually made three. We'll draw a veil over the first. The second was a bit solid. By the third, I'd cracked it. Please think of it as my present to you, dear reader. Happy Christmas and thanks for stopping by.
This is almost too quick to knock up. Like one of those cake in a cup jobs that leads to 10pm cravings and tighter jeans. This freezes well and is delicious toasted for breakfast with a little butter spread on it.
If there is anybody we'd turn to for advice on how to make a fruit cake - especially during Christmas time - it would have
This time around, I am going to close my ears against Christmas for a few more weeks. No recipes for a rich Christmas Cake or mature Christmas Pudding from me. I am going to fight the urge to bake... for now.