christmas gift ideas

Ever since 'Coding' was included in the UK National Curriculum back in 2014 it has been a hot topic within the education and tech industries. However, as a parent myself it has become clear that many parents have very little idea about what this really means
Fun, exciting, relevant and readily available, these gifts are exactly the same as the old versions - or have a modern twist. You can enjoy these presents with your kids, as you relive your childhood.
Ho Ho Ho! Christmas is fast approaching. Are you still wondering what on earth to get your man? Well fear not, I have done the research for you! I have included something for every man, and the best thing is you don't have to leave the house!
Now I know it's not an easy option, especially given that a lot of hamper contents have a short shelf life, but it really is one of the those presents that makes the hair stand up on your arms. I thought I'd offer up a few ideas to include in a Christmas hamper for someone very special...
If you're stumped for what to buy those special people in your life this Yuletide then be stumped no longer dear readers
If you've taken any of our advice this year and bought as many gadgets as your electricity bill can handle, your home is
Gifts that show you care about your loved ones and your bank balance.
I think I see a pattern developing here; I do no Christmas shopping, remember on the 20th that I need to, enter Oxford Street in a state of complete chaos, only to end up with the same old rubbish. Well thankfully that's not the story this year, as I'm going online shopping.
It's the time of year when newspaper supplements are full of Christmas shopping advertisements guides, such as 'Gifts For
Isn't this just the best idea? Savile Rogue use Scottish mills to produce affordable cashmere football scarves for the more discerning, prawn sandwich eating, football fan. I've ordered two already as Christmas presents as they come beautifully boxed so make perfect, easy gifts.