christmas pudding

Brussels sprouts and bread sauce in the good tier? An absolute abomination. Please – tell us you agree.
Christmas is usually a time of sheer indulgence for us humans – but festive food can be dangerous in the wrong paws
Can we all just agree to stop putting raisins in surprising places?  8. It encourages your uncle to play practical jokes
There's a chill in the air and the decorations are going up. It's the time of year for cosy log fires, mulled wine, time
For anyone who is doing it for the first time, or who feels a slightly sense of dread then read on. Some of this is obvious stuff, but I personally find it very useful to have everything in one place. Here's my plan, for what it's worth...
Christmas traditions are far from purely Christian - a lot of what Brits do in the festive season can be traced back to paganism
The last Sunday before Advent is the traditional time to make the Christmas pudding. It is often referred to as Stir Up Sunday, a reference which comes from the collect from the Anglican Church's Book of Common Prayer.
Gangnam Style continues to spawn umpteen parodies like some kind of mutant strain of bacteria, and this one is, quite literally