Christmas Recipes

Personally, I'm very partial to cold cuts in the aftermath of the Big Christmas Day Blow-out and it's rather nice to have a breather from all the cooking. But if you still have ham and turkey sitting in the fridge after that, these little pies are a real treat and the cranberry sauce gives them a lovely flavour lift.
They reign supreme on the Christmas table, outshining the turkey and bread sauce by a mile.
If you're looking for a toasty, non-alcoholic, low sugar alternative to enjoy at Christmas, this mulled spice syrup really opens up the options! It can be added to any drinks; to create mulled spirits, festive detox drinks or a warm spiced green tea.
They reign supreme on the Christmas buffet table, outshining the turkey and bread sauce by a mile. But here are 9 (we could
Photo Credit: Pixabay Parsley Nutritional Goodness What exactly is parsley good for? Firstly a little bit of history.... did
An easy to digest pudding, particularly after a substantial dinner, can make a huge impression on your guests as well as your own digestive system. There are many pudding variables to consider, including those which you might not have considered yet...
Cheesecakes are a fantastic, easy dessert to rustle up when you're entertaining. Although not typically a Winter sweet, my version is perfect for the chilly winter months, combining the classic biscuit case and cream cheese topping with all of the delicious flavours of the Christmas season - red wine, cinnamon, orange and cloves.
The observant may notice there are two versions of the bread in these pictures. I actually made three. We'll draw a veil over the first. The second was a bit solid. By the third, I'd cracked it. Please think of it as my present to you, dear reader. Happy Christmas and thanks for stopping by.
Usually I buy my chipolatas and ham from a good butcher but this year I went on a Christmas curing course with charcutiers Jackie and Sarah at Marsh Pig in Norfolk. It was great fun and great value and as a consequence I've got pork, metaphorically speaking, coming out of my ears.
I really hate it when people waste 15 precious minutes talking about their stress when they could be tacking their to do list. So I won't. Instead I will just offer up something that is simply amazing. I don't even like egg nog (the drink) but I do like these. Oh yes I do...