christmas shopping

Friday 24 November marks this year’s Black Friday, but of course, you already know that. You know that, because for the past
No starry fairylights or nightlight can relieve that terrifying stress. No twinkling can remove the loneliness of the people who really can't do Christmas, for whatever reason, be it illness, loneliness, poverty, isolation.
Christmas seems to hit the shops earlier every year, but despite best intentions some of us still find we leave budgeting for the annual festivities to the last minute. Whether you plan months in advance or leave your shopping to the last-minute, here are some top tips to help you get ready for the big day.
It's not that I don't want to spend the money on them. It's that I think in the eyes of a child, innocent and simple, all that matters is that the are loved. Something every child has a right to. For me the day is about making memories to smile about and that doesn't cost a penny. Surely happy memories are the greatest gifts of all.
When you’ve had nine glasses of Bucks Fizz, every present is as good as an iPhone.  10. Ask for the receipt.  People with
Sometimes it's difficult to find the right time, the place or the words to express how we feel about someone, but don't wait until it's too late. Maybe Christmas is the perfect opportunity! Heal that rift. Say it while you can and put the 'Happy' back into Christmas.
Maybe I need to forget about the artificial construct and endless to-do lists of 'the festive season' - constructed piece by piece to generate the best income of the year - and focus on the glimmers of light Christmas brings to dark months and bleak times.
Don't harass said parent into giving you a list within 24 hours of receiving your e-mail/phone call. Parents are busy, and they may even have to have a few sneaky conversations with the child to determine what would be a good gift suggestion
Getting everything organised is tough work. Anyone who talks about getting to go home to do nothing but eat and watch movies makes me jealous, as I know how tired we Christmas Fairies feel after all the gift choosing, and cooking of the meals, and the cleaning and the wrapping and the small talk.