Christopher Reeve

The daughter of the late Superman actor Christopher Reeve has given birth to a son and named him after her father. Alexandra
If only Superman had shown up in Alfonso Cuarón's movie, Sandra Bullock's character would have been saved instantly and the
Henry Cavill may have delighted fans with his arrival on the red carpet in London last week, but he's the first to admit
The cast, the scriptwriter, the producer, the composer (Yes, I am listening to snatches of Hans Zimmer's score as I write this!) It's the optimum mix of the right talent at the right time that can only lead to perfection, right? I am firm in the belief that Man of Steel could be the most epic superhero story ever told on the big screen.
It's arrived - the latest 'Man of Steel' trailer is here! Henry Cavill is suitably beefed up in the latest reboot of the
Jack Osbourne's announcement that he has been diagnosed with a form of multiple sclerosis (MS) is the latest case of a celebrity
As well as being impossibly stylish, a wonderful father and a hunky husband, David Beckham is also doing his bit for charity
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Laurence Fishburne is set to join Zack Snyder's Superman reboot, as newspaper editor Perry White. The