This new-look user experience also comes with the added benefit of new content streams allowing you to create your own homepage
It's blissfully simple and once done you'll never have to tinker again. Then just open up any app such as YouTube, Spotify
You can then stream content straight to the stick using either your Android smartphone or iPhone as a controller. The genius
Why should the phone I have determine what car I own? Why am I having to pick this oven over another simply because it only offers functionality to an Android phone? It seems utterly ludicrous that the cost of making our lives easier is the absolute removal of choice.
Media streamers. connected set top boxes, internet boxes, streaming boxes. Whatever you call them, every company is trying
Google I/O 2014 has seen the unveiling of a record number of new products and features including Android L, Android Auto
The star of Google I/O 2014 was Android L, a drastically redesigned operating system which looks set to take on Apple's iOS
The Google Chromecast streaming TV gadget has been out for a while in the UK now. So how has it developed since its release
Look, if you want to stream iPlayer, Netflix and YouTube to your TV you're probably not short of options. Everything from
Google has launched its Chromecast TV dongle in the UK. Chromecast is a cheap and easy way to send pictures and video from