Chronic Pain

Learning that my pain is real, but also very much in the brain, has been mind blowing, freelance journalist Rachael Revesz writes.
All you need to know about cannabis-based medicinal products, a year after they were legalised in the UK.
Humid and windy days can be the worst if you struggle with chronic pain, a new study has found ☔️
Opioids helped me manage my extreme chronic pain, but no one told me how addictive they were – or how hard it would be stop using them, writes Katie Bennett-Davies
Carly Barton, who has been using medicinal cannabis to treat excruciating chronic pain condition, says patients are being let down by the latest draft guidance from Nice.
"Be mindful of judging people when you can’t see anything going on."
My husband could have sent me postcards from our vacations, given the time I spent in bed during them.
Fibromyalgia and a stroke in my 20s leave me in chronic pain – but after my landmark cannabis prescription was overruled, I refuse to go back to my costly prescription
Jo Cameron only realised in her sixties that it was not the norm to never feel pain. It wasn’t until she came out of a notoriously painful operation unfazed that her doctor suspected Cameron was different. She has gone through life bumping into things, burning herself and even getting her teeth knocked out without feeling any pain. Scientists at University College London hope that research into the mutated genes which cause Cameron’s condition will lead to better treatments for chronic pain, PTSD and wound healing.
Bosses at the clinic say it will provide a lifeline to those experiencing chronic pain.