"I was determined to quit. After knocking on my 80th door that day, I'd had enough. Ironically, I got fired before I had
Let's hope that this terrible press for fundraising has a genuinely good legacy and that in the charitable business we do hold up a mirror and start to see some change. Olive Cooke needs to be remembered, and that's for sure....
In any other country someone who waves their arm in your face or shouts at you while you're trying to get somewhere would end up tasting a knuckle sandwich, but no. We're British, so we let it happen.
One hundred towns have now limited the movements of charity muggers - "chuggers" - in a bid to prevent the street collectors
When I'm asked - as I regularly am - what my favourite part of my job is, I always smile and recall the Tardos that I've enjoyed a bit of verbal sparring with. They're the exception rather than the rule this lot, but when you come across one it's like finding an extra veggie sausage hiding under your free-range, corn-fed, organic poached egg at breakfast. They really do brighten up my day.
Charity fundraisers are to be investigated for poor practice amid allegations they were using confusing tactics and flouting
Is it just me or is anyone else fed up of being mithered, either about gay marriage, or by obnoxious chuggers?
Chugger, of course, is the name coined by the Metro, and quickly taken up by everyone else, for the 'Charity Mugger'. These are the people who further clutter up an already cluttered High St, desperately trying to make eye contact so that they can charm you out of £3 a month for some or other dubious cause: saving the rainforest or some other such nonsense...