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Revd Libby Lane is the UK's first female bishop, Downing Street announced on Wednesday, with the Cheshire vicar described
The Church of England is entering "a completely new phase of our existence" after the appointment of women bishops was approved
Prime Minister David Cameron welcomed the General Synod's decision to back legislation allowing women bishops in the Church
The Archbishop of Canterbury has admitted that more work needs to be done if legislation introducing women bishops is to
The Church of England's national assembly is to restart talks over women bishops next month amid efforts to avoid another
Personally, I believe there will be one day women Bishops, it's just a shame it's not happening now. It could have been such a historical moment; and yes, it's historical but in exposing an ugly truth.
The Church of England is reeling with "shock" and facing a "major constitutional crisis" following the failure of new legislation
And so finally, with fingers still tentatively paused over triggers and soldiers lined up at borders, a peace settlement was agreed between Gaza and Israel this week, bringing to an end eight days of bloody violence. Even the world's greatest optimists cannot believe this is the end of the story, with both sides seeking to write their own account of the tragic events, and claim a miserable kind of victory. For many not religiously, historically or, due to family ties, connected to this conflict, it can be difficult to understand the intensity of feeling it inspires.
The Church of England's bishops are to hold an emergency meeting on Wednesday after legislation paving the way for the first
Supporters of the failed legislation to ordain women bishops said they were "devastated" with many saying they felt they