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Comedian John Oliver returned to his critique of the post-9/11 CIA torture programme on his Sunday show, enlisting Oscar
Revelations by a Senate Intelligence Committee in December detailing the extent of the CIA’s torture programme instituted
Shaker Aamer, a Saudi Arabian citizen and the last British resident to be held without charge at Guantanamo bay has still not been given the freedom he deserves after more than 13 years of imprisonment.
If torture worked, the need to criminalise it would be even more imperative than if it were ineffective because the temptation to use it would then be even greater. If torture did not work there would be no need to use it. It was largely because the CIA believed, or persuaded itself, that it did work that it became such a widespread practice.
The grisly United States Senate report published last week concluded that the use of torture by the CIA on detainees was
The parliamentary panel investigating allegations of British involvement in torture is seeking access to secret parts of
Do you want my alternative, semi-serious take on the US Senate's report on CIA torture, Dick Cheney's ludicrous response to it and, back home in the UK, Ukip's entry into the British political establishment? Here's the political week in 60 seconds.
The former director of the CIA has come out swinging after a Senate report found he had repeatedly misled politicians about
KT McFarland and Bill Hemmer debate the release of the report "What this story shows is that of course the CIA are acting
Representatives from some of the world's most renowned proponents of torture have condemned the US for its brutality after