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You might not notice it just yet, but the UK has become the latest country to introduce plain, standardised packaging of cigarettes, along with Australia and France. The switch follows a landmark 'yes' vote in the House of Commons just over a year ago that saw MPs from all parties take a stand against tobacco marketing. And following a final failed legal challenge tobacco companies are no longer allowed to manufacture glitzy packs that evidence shows act as a 'silent salesman' to children. Here's how packs will change:
The days of the Marlboro man are well and truly over. From next year every single packet of cigarettes sold in the UK will
Ireland has become the first country in Europe to pass laws banning branded cigarette packets. Following the example set
Plans to hold a pre-election Commons vote on enforcing standardised tobacco packaging offer the chance of a "momentous step
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If the government does, after all, bring in plain packaging for cigarettes, it will mean an abrupt end to the evolution of
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Experts at the Institute of Psychiatry in London are publishing research suggesting that smoking cigarettes may be a contributory cause of schizophrenia (a psychotic disorder). This startling finding includes a just published study, plus research to be published in the near future, all of which appears to suggest an association between smoking cigarettes and developing psychosis.
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Politicians and health campaigners have accused the government of siding with tobacco giants instead of acting to protect