The R3bn bailout from Treasury will not be enough to save the airline.
Now two banks have refused to extend loans to SAA, which become payable at the end of September.
The bank, which is among more than dozen banks named in a probe, paid out for its role in fixing the price of the rand.
Executives of banks found guilty of collusion by the Competition Commission must take full personal responsibility and step down, says Jannie Rossouw, Head of the School of Economic and Business Science at Wits University.
We haven't got it quite right yet. I still hear many women talking about the need to find balance between high-powered jobs and the other aspects of their lives. Women still need a hand because in some industries, it's like going back to the Ark.
Feeling a bit intimidated by the sheer awesomeness/brilliance/super-skillz of the Olympians? Well, here's a short video that's
Guy Hands is still hanging on. At least he thinks he is. Two weeks ago he started an action against Citibank claiming they grabbed EMI from him wrongfully.